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Friday, July 25, 2008


According to the head to head stats, Banal clearly has the edge on all departments (expect the average rounds). Banal has high KO rate at 77.78% while Concepcion has only 46.15% KO rate. AJ Banal has the ring experience advantage, he already fought a total of 81 rounds compare to 58 rounds of Concepcion. Concepcion was knockdown 4 times by his past opponents while Banal's chin remain superb so far without any signs of being hurt or close of being dropped.

Banal obviously fought the better opponents with a total of 190-59 win-losses record. Both fighters almost equal on the average rounds per fight, which i will predict that this fight won't past round 5.

Everything is in favor of AJ Banal, I don't see any reason why Banal won't win this fight. This is the first fight of Rafael Concepcion outside his country. He just arrived last Monday and I expect his body hasn't adjusted yet.

Two fighters who wants to slug it out in the middle of the ring. Enjoy the fireworks while it last.


Anonymous said...

aj banal too much for his training and he was so so young he is only 19 years old but IF AJ BANAL TRAINED BY FREDDIE ROACH??? banal would win the fight i think that banal should be trained to the wild card gym in america rather than in the philippines because he didnt concentrate in his training because of the interviews and reports and advertisements if banal should trained to america he would trained well there because there is no filipino journalist and other media he would focused there in the WILD CARD GYM rather in the philippines i think that he should be trained by freddie roach.

leoven said...

i think more practice specially his stamina. very low. thier power cant supply until 12 rounds.
much beter when freddie roach is the coach, coz he is the next filipino champion like pacquio. very young,, they become strong when their is loss.

Anonymous said...

Banal should know how to fight dirty!