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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What’s next for AJ Banal?: The 3 Thai Prospects

After an astounding performance last week in The World Cup of Boxing, Pinoy prospect AJ Banal should be back to his track which is fighting quality opponents. He was supposed to be fighting against former WBC 108 Champ and veteran Eric Ortiz last week but was changed. He was given a last minute replacement journeyman from Los Mochis, Jorge Cardenas. Still AJ showed what he was expected to be, he never disappoints the fans and gave the first KO victory for the Philippine Team when he “BAZOOKAD” Cardenas in the 3rd round.

What’s next for AJ Banal? I have 3 good quality opponents for him, The 3 Thai Prospects that I have noticed for the past few months.

Devid Lookmahanak - Wins: 16 (9 KOs)| Losses: 1 - Superflyweight
Previously undefeated and Former WBC #1 contender at 115. He was upset and stopped by a Filipino journeyman last August 17, 2007.

Panomroonglek Kratingdaenggym – Wins: 18 (10 KOs) – Flyweight
Undefeated and rated WBC #1 contender at 112.

Maxsaisai Pinsinchai – Wins: 10 (4 KOs)
Undefeated prospect. 8 months inactive, his last fight was on December 1, 2006.

Any of these three is good for AJ Banal in maintaining the quality level of his opponents.

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