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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Will AJ Banal follows the fate of Fernando Vargas?

Fernando "EL Feroz" Vargas was a monster back in the late 90's. He turned pro in 1997 and fought 9 times on that year. On his 15th pro fight he won his first world title the IBF Light Middleweight belt by stopping the dangerous puncher Yory Boy Campas. He defended his belt 5 times beating elite fighters like Ike Quartey and Winky Wright, till he met Felix Trinidad which he was dropped 5 times and was stopped on the 12th round. After the Trinidad fight Vargas was not the same fighter that he used to be. He was KO'd by Oscar Dela Hoya and twice stopped by Shane Mosley. At the very young age of 28 he was already a shot fighter.

“Vargas was a prodigy who turned pro at 19 and fought Tito Trinidad a few days before he turned 23,” said Rudy Salud a founding secretary-general of the WBC quoted in Philstar newspaper. “His body was never allowed to develop because he was rushed into big fights. By the time he fought Trinidad, he had cracks in his body and chinks in his armor. He was 24 when he was knocked out by Oscar de la Hoya." Salud has an advice for the promising pinoy prospect AJ Banal.

“Banal is only 18,” said Salud. “He has looked good against opponents who are not of high caliber. But he shouldn’t be pushed too hard.”

AJ Banal has been fighting in the higher level at the young age of 18। His last 6 opponents has a total of 88 wins and 9 losses, he fought undefeated prospects and dangerous experienced fighters. I hope AJ Banal will be ready and will mature enough once he steps into championship fights.

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